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Ferris' Wheel
Tuesday, Dec 14, 2004, 11:36 PM
The rides in our school fair were opened yesterday and I got the chance to ride the Ferris' wheel today.

At first, I was so totally scared that I squeezed into my companion. My hands were sweating so much that the paint in the safety bar stuck to my hands. But this ride gave me the chance to overcome my fear. Suddenly, the Ferris' wheel stopped. It stopped when we were in the highest point of the wheel! We were waiting for the other people to get off while we were there. I could almost see the whole village from that vantage point. When I got off, I regretted having closed my eyes during the ride. My Computer teacher laughed and told me that she saw me riding with eyes closed.

I wished I could ride again. Fortunately, one of my classmates who was celebrating her birthday today, treated us to some tickets. So, there I was again. I promised not to scream or close my eyes, until my companion told me, "What if this seat turns around and we fall?!" When I heard that, I prayed really hard. When the dizzying ride started, there I was screaming once more. I saw my other classmates on the other seat so I gave them my faintest smile. Now I wished that it would stop. So as not to get scared, I started imagining that I was just riding a vehicle when we were in the highest point of the wheel. While we were going down, I imagined that we were just in an elevator. Finally, the wheel started to slow down. We were suppoosed to get off our seat, but the operator did not remove the safety bar! I thought we were going for another round but they just gave us one more spin before we got off. It was a very exciting and adventurous ride!