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Horror Booth
Wednesday, Dec 15, 2004, 11:00 PM
I had the chance to enter the Horror Booth prepared by the 3rd year students today.

One of my companions who already had the chance to enter the Horror booth told us what to expect so that we won't get scared. After waiting in line for a few minutes, we excitedly entered the dark, smoke-filled room (it stinked because of fog juice) together with our tour guide.

The pitch black room frightened us, but later on we got used to it so we were not scared anymore.

1st room - We saw a staircase and a table. My friend told me that there has to be someone underneath the table, but we found no one. We also caught the next girl who was supposed to scare us with her demon mask off!

On the way to the next room, the girl with the demon costume walked beside us. We were not frightened so we just said, "Look! Fur! You do not scare me! You look ugly!" While I was looking at the creature, a hand grabbed my right ankle! I was surprised! I stomped my feet, but it didn't let go. So, I dragged my foot so that it had to let go. Eventually, it did.

2nd room - We saw a lady with a long, black hair covering her face kneeling at the corner of the room.

3rd room - We saw a woman with a long, black hair in a bathtub bathing in vomit.

4th room - We saw two women wearing white robes with long, black hair covering their faces. One of them touched me when my back was turned. That was surprising!

5th room - We saw a woman with a long, black hair that covered her face walking beside us. We just said, "Hi!" because we were not frightened. I even said, "Hi ate!" (Ate means elder sister. I know that the woman was a 3rd year student who was a lot older than me).

6th room - We saw a pyramid and a big sphinx. We also saw a big picture of a woman smiling.

7th room - A woman with a veil came out of nowhere and walked towards us. We just kept on saying, "Hi!" and I said, "You do not scare me. I can even see your face and identify your name!".

When we were about to exit, a hand a grabbed my right ankle again. I stomped my foot and said, "Let go. Do you want me to kick you?!". Eventually, the hand let go. Near the exit, a woman wearing a black shirt growled at us. We did not react a bit so the woman laughed so hard at herself, probably because she did a poor job at playing ghost.

Finally, we exited the booth and shared our experiences with one another.