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Nasa Bayabasan
Sunday, May 1, 2005, 9:30 PM
We visited one of Lolo Mayong's land parcels, a 27 hectare lot located between Salvacion and Pawik, today. It was roughly an hour's drive from Caditaan via Gibaldon, Siuton where the first mass in Luzon was celebrated in 1569 by Fray Alonzo Jimenez.

We had a hard time when we reached the road near Pawik for half of it was cemented while the other half was not. I think corruption was the cause. Half the fund for this project must have gone into the pocket of someone.

When we reached Pawik, I saw a lot of beautiful flowers. I also saw a plant, Kalampunay, which supposedly has a stronger effect than Marijuana!

I also ate a lot of pili and coconuts. I also drank a lot of coconut juice. Even Phoenix got to drink some! It was also my first time to eat the original guava (bayabas). In Manila, you will only see big guavas so I was surprised when they offered me a small guava. Then I found out that the guavas in Manila undergo a process so that they would be a lot bigger.

I really had a great time in Pawik.