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My First Honors Address
Thursday, Mar 30, 2006, 7:09 PM
To our beloved SSJ sisters, our ever supportive directress, Mrs. Nela Wei, our dear principal, Mrs. Milagros Madriaga, energetic coordinators, HFS faculty and staff, parents, and fellow graduates, a wonderful morning!

As I made my way up this stage, I felt the atmosphere of jubilation in everyone present here today. And rightly so, for after six long years of hard work, friendship, joy, and laughter, we are now finally prepared to take a leap into the next stage of our school life - high school. The time has come for us to reap the fruits of our labor and enjoy our success in finishing our elementary years.

Behind this success are special people whom we would like to thank for their unfailing support. To our dear parents who have worked so hard in order to give us a good education. You have been with us through our joys and our tears, we are very thankful to have you as our guide and strength. Thank you for your care, thank you for your love. We offer this day to you. To the SSJ sisters, who tirelessly and lovingly exerted effort in inetgrating the core values in our lives, to the HFS administrators, faculty, and staff, who have guided us not only in our academic education, but in living out the Familian ideals. Thank you very much. We will forever treasure our time with you here.

Despite trying times and economic difficulties, we have remained strong and, dare I say, productive members of our country, largely because of the foundations laid within us by this institution. For this, we thank the Holy Family School community. Words are not enough to show our gratitude for all the help and guidance this school has poured out on us graduates. We are truly grateful that HFS has been a dear part of our lives. Neither time nor distance can ever take away that Familian spirit now in our hearts. Rest assured that we will continuously wave the Familian ideals wherever we may go.

Once again, thank you to everyone present here today. To my fellow graduates, congratulations to all of us!