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The Third Law
Sunday, Jan 21, 2007, 7:53 PM
Everyone loves a "happy-ending story", even among those of the evil. They certainly do, too! Come to think of it, wouldn't a pickpocket want to be able to pry the money-filled wallet from the possession of his target victim? Sure he would. Once done, he would start to celebrate the joy of his success. He thinks he finally earned a "happy ending" to his story, but turns out that the policemen don't. So, they come in search of him and finally get their handcuffs on him. It wasn't really a happy one for him at all. It's now the policemen's turn to paint a part of their own "happy ending" since there are still more of it to come if they do their jobs pretty well. (Gee, that sure is some sort of obviously-unplanned-and-haywire-story I've shared! Kidding aside, let's continue.)Poor pickpocket, wouldn't you think? No. What you sow is what you reap as well. A wrong deed is to bad karma as a good deed is to one of the same nature.

That's we have in here. Newton's third law of motion, law of interaction, states that for every action is a reaction of EQUAL magnitude.

See, evil or not, both characters in the story longed for a "happy-ending story". It's just that nothing is more important than of what is righteous.