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Sunday, Jan 21, 2007, 9:41 PM
My mom left for Indonesia today. She was chosen as the representative of their foundation, Bluepoint, in the Asia Source 2 camp which is to be held in Sukabumi.

We arrived at NAIA at 12:20 this afternoon to allow time for her to check-in. Her flight was scheduled at 2:20, but all passengers were required to arrive 2 hours earlier to be able to board at 1:40 sharp. Since the line for checking in was an extremely long one, she reached the boarding area at the exact time indicated, having not a second left to go back and bid her goodbyes as planned. Fortunately, she managed to call us up on my mobile phone to do so. The moment I held it onto my ear, I honestly felt like crying because we have never been separated like this ever since she brought me into this world. She has always been around whenever I needed her even without letting her know.

When I heard her voice over the phone, I felt that she must've been lonely, too. That thought of which pleaded my tears to flow, but I just held them back. "Don't, Psylocke. You're not supposed to cry. You'll only make her sadness worse if you do." Those statements kept in my head while I was talking to her.

When her call ended, my dad tried to send her an SMS, but something went wrong with his phone. Mine untimely got drained of its battery. We were left with no other choice but to leave.

My dad drove us to the Libingan ng mga Bayani in Fort Bonifacio for two major reasons. One was to visit my great grandfather's tomb and the other was because most of the airplanes from NAIA pass there. We saw two planes belonging to Singapore Airlines, the first at 2:33pm while the next just a swift two minutes later. We were hoping that one of these was where my mom was and that she's peeking outside the window. The place was very near the airport so the planes were still flying really low then, making the passengers capable of seeing the people on the land. We prayed that she did as we waved goodbye.

When I first learned of her trip, I refused to let her go, but I knew that if I did, I wouldn't be allowing her to learn more and to gain new experiences. It would be selfish of me then.

It's just that I love my mom more than I think she knows it. I may not show it very often, but I do. Right now, all that I can do is to pray that she'll be safe the whole while through.