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Christmas Countdown

92 days before Christmas!
Sunday, Nov 25, 2007, 11:30 PM
A closure or a fresh start. Which is easier better to make?

Obviously, both choices are to be made with great difficulty. It's pretty hard to let go of something that you are with great attachment to, but to confront the problem which has been blinding you for a year is even harder.

Such problem has already been around for a tremendously long time that you ended up not even recognizing its presence. Anyway, it's not like death is going to eat you up if you refuse to face the situation, so why do so? Sloth.

Complex? No. "Complicated" is a more appropriate word to describe this.

Keeping a problem suctioned to the back of your brain is like taking in an enormous quantity of downers. The habit is not at all healthy, but it sure does help you in preventing painful confrontations with the reality.

Go ahead. Try to fix it.