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A Mess to Get Yourself Into
Friday, Jan 4, 2008, 1:53 AM
Some people drastically become capable of writing with sensibility when there seems to be no other available way to pour all their emotions out other than with the use of pen and paper, or perhaps a keyboard. Some do it with the help of caffeine. Others keep a dictionary or a thesaurus within reach.

But in my own humble opinion, it's when you hate the most that you write the most.

To write about something pleasant such as the beautiful scenery that you have just marveled at after an outdoor trip is quite an easy task. Adjectives, adjectives, adjectives. These usually consume 99% percent of a narrative about a certain beautiful thing. All that the reader has to do is smile as his or her brain produces the imagery.

On the other hand, I believe that writing with negativity in mind draws out more insights from a person. Criticism is more particular about each and every single part of the given topic since it is surprisingly natural for human beings to find flaws easily. Moreover, if one feels hatred towards whatever it is that he or she is writing about, there will definitely be more precise observations regarding its hideousness.

Perhaps, "hatred" is the most creative of all human emotions. No matter how abstract it may be, it can push a person farther than the limitations set by morality. It can lead you to speak up your mind without hesitating and thinking of whether you have already been inflicting damage on other people. While that may be the case that you would be getting yourself into, hatred sure does make you write the best.