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Wednesday, Apr 11, 2012, 1:50 AM
When I watch a time-lapse video, I instantly imagine how long the camera was left on the tripod running on precious batteries. Sometimes the video ends up very interesting, such as when it depicts the duration of plant growth or the blossoming of a flower. However, the most common subjects in time-lapse videos are clouds cascading through the sky or the flow of traffic reduced to zapping lights. Not that these are inferior subjects, but in my own opinion, the availability of related videos are already too wide that I would just take the batteries off the camera and place them into the parched battery compartment of mp3 player.

Poor time-lapse videos. They suddenly became my anger's punching bag.


Today felt like a time-lapse video to me. I am aware that there are 24 hours in one day, but they have been played in fast-forward and condensed into, say, four hours. It felt as if I was robbed of time.

I spent four hours waiting in different lines and sprinting to different areas in our campus to finish the enrolment process for the summer term required by my curriculum. I know that in other schools, enrollees are just a few breaths short of killing each other for slots and that Ateneo de Manila University's enrolment process is perhaps the most convenient one in the country, but that is not my point. This is not a complaint. It is a commentary on how the lack of responsibility of one affects others.

See, I woke up early last Tuesday in order to secure a slot for the afternoon Physics class that I would be taking this summer. However, the Physics department suddenly realized a conflict in the schedules of the classes which I did not enlist in. That isn't supposed to concern me, right? Nope. They ultimately decided to switch the sections. Ta-dah. I was suddenly enlisted under 9-10:30AM and 9AM-1PM classes.

Since I do not know how to bilocate, I had to undergo manual registration this afternoon. It took me four hours to finish the enrolment process which took me only 30 minutes in the past semesters.

I know. It isn't that bad. Four hours isn't that bad compared to how long it takes other students. But just because it isn't that bad doesn't mean that it's ok to make it a bit bad. If the Physics department were just a tad more...responsible, the hassle could have been avoided.


Now I am keeping myself awake to enjoy the last few hours of my summer vacation since April 10 decided to fly away like a time-lapse video. Maybe it's going on a vacation trip and it didn't want me to tag along. Bon voyage.