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Christmas Countdown

92 days before Christmas!
Tuesday, Apr 24, 2012, 6:59 PM
"Please say that we could change things if we wanted."

This week is going to be a transition stage towards a changed lifetime.

Isaac Asimov said that the only dominant factor in society today is change, continuing change, inevitable change. Yep. Even a daily routine is not exempted from change. There are minute details that make each day different. However, since yesterday, I started to notice the more drastic ones that are on their way to my doorstep.

Whether they may be for the better or not, they will keep coming.

On a side note, even the morning security guard assigned at the campus' third gate changed. He who used to greet me "Good morning!" with a smile was replaced by someone who thinks humans are invisible. Please put him back that post, Ateneo!